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Choosing your car, van or motorbike insurance is not easy. Often you look on the internet through a car simulator and compare only the price.

But the world of insurance is much more complex, you will be confronted with terms that you don’t control.
We can help you to choose the right coverage for your vehicle.

How much does it cost?

Receive a simulation in less than 2 minutes without obligation.

This simulation module has been set up to compare rates with our different partners.
The car quotations you will receive are purely informative and don’t take account of the possible additional reductions that we can negotiate directly with the companies when you are a full client of our office.
Indeed, our job and position in the market as an independent insurance broker enables us to get you the best car insurance for your needs.
The Weicker & Co Group works with a several companies insurance, and a market analysis is made for each quote request.

Why trust in Weicker & Co Group for your car insurance?

Weicker & Co is your ideal partner to insure your car.
We are not a car simulator: each case requires a specific study. Our first task is to analyse your needs and requirements
Depending on your wishes, we make several requests to different insurance companies in order to negotiate the price and the conditions of your contract.
We submit you the best corresponding to your needs and requirements. The price is of course important, but the quality of the services we supplying is of even greater importance.

Our team is at your disposal to offer you the best adapted rates
For which type of insurance would you like a personalized offer?