Terms of use

The purpose of Assurances.lu is

  • to present you with the insurance products available in Luxembourg,
  • to allow you to request an obligation free quote from different companies and
  • and to take out their policies through our broker Weicker & Co.

The activity of these insurers is controlled by the Commissariat aux Assurances, they represent all recognized companies of this type. The request a quote via Internet service allow you to:

  • clearly identify the insurer you want to request a quote from
  • clearly identify their offer through the proposals they send you

Assurances.lu is not an insurance broker. It only allows visitors to contact insurers. Assurances.lu cannot be held responsible for the content of pages presenting insurers' products. Assurances.lu does have any policies in its own name and cannot be held responsible for the nature or quality of the insurance policies issued by the insurers on the site.

Assurances.lu's data protection policy

We believe that you have the right to be informed about the data protection policy of the sites you visit. Assurances.lu does everything to protect your data and to inform you of how it is used.

To use the "Request an obligation free quote" service you should enter your details into the product form. This information is necessary to present the various insurance products available and are sent only to our partners in order to enable them to respond to your requests for quotes. Assurances.lu reserves the right to keep a copy of the data for statistical purposes and agrees not to disclose any information.

Your personal data is sent via secure SSL pages.  You can see that your data is encrypted when a small padlock appears in your browser. 

Assurances.lu has created the file that contains the personal data in accordance with the law, pursuant to a declaration of 15 July 2000 made by the Ministry of Small Firms.