Travel insurance comparison helps you save time & money

Travel insurance comparison helps you save time & money

A journey often involves the unexpected!

If you have a bad luck with your luggage, this insurance covers two situations:

Last minute cancellation of a journey; 
Medical treatment you have to receive abroad that is not covered under your national healthcare scheme.


Benefits : Trip cancellation, luggage, accidents, and assistance

Please note that additional medical costs are much greater than the cost of cancelling a journey. So make sure you have travel insurance from the moment you leave your country, even for a short trip. The smallest injury could cost you as your health insurance doesn't cover the entire bill!

What types of travel insurance are there?

The two most common types of insurance are:

  • Cancellation insurance: if an unexpected event forces you to delay or cancel your departure at the last minute the costs incurred will be covered. The costs covered usually include: loss of deposit paid to a travel agent, cancellation costs of your non-refundable airline tickets and other costs such as hotel reservations for example. Cancellation can play heavy on your mind: prevent financial worries by taking out a cancellation policy.
  • Additional medical cover: be careful, reimbursement from a standard health insurance is not always enough to pay the costs of hospitalisation abroad! You are often asked to pay in advance! 

These costs can be very high. Take care of it before leaving! 

Some policies are very comprehensive and can include, among other things, emergency telephone charges, air travel, expenses parents incur travelling to the hospital or burial expenses and body repatriation.There are two types of additional insurance. You can buy 'single trip' insurance. However, for people who travel regularly there is an 'annual multi trip insurance'. Whether you are taking a city break or going abroad on a 6 month mission this insurance will fully cover you.

What should I do before taking out such insurance?

Have you have found the insurance deal of the century? Here are some points to keep in mind throughout: 

  • Imagine the worst: a nurse escorted repatriation by air ambulance... Have you thought about how much this would cost if you had to pay? How do I get better cover?
  • When signing up to a credit card, companies often offer you additional medical coverage for travel abroad. Try to find out: will I be fully covered and at what price?
  • Have you got access to a 24 hour line from any location in any language?
  • Will medical expenses be covered up front or only after treatment? Without a credit card or cash on you it will be difficult to get an operation...
  • What about your medical history? Have you told your company before leaving? Will you be covered for treatment abroad of a pre-existing medical condition? 


What protection should I choose?

An emergency can arise suddenly! This is why buying additional insurance is particularly recommended for anyone who travels. The addition can be pricey! Cancellation insurance is only really necessary if you do not wish to pay the costs of cancelling a journey. Avoid suffering twice: firstly because your trip was cancelled and secondly because of fees you had to pay without actually enjoying a holiday abroad!

How much does travel insurance cost?

Again, there is no official price. However the price of a cancellation policy will depend on the premium you want to pay and the extent cover you need. This is also true for additional medical insurance that vary widely depending on criteria such as age, length of stay, etc. Couples, families or students can benefit from discounted rates. A higher excess equals a lower price!

Where can you get insurance travel?

By simply contacting our insurance brokers Weicker & Co!

Focus on travel insurance

The insurance company insures against damage. 

The assistance company provides immediate help in the event of problems.

Although different, these services are now offered by both insurers and assistance companies.


Examples of insurance benefits include:

In the event of cancellation
It reimburses the airfare and accommodation costs in the event of a force majeure: death, sickness, accident.
In part or in full, depending on the period remaining between the cancellation date and the date of departure.
It is also valid in the event of an accident or medical emergency that requires you to curtail.

In the event your luggage is lost or stolen
No comment 

Legal expenses
Covers the cost of litigation in case of legal action and provides for the means to obtain redress.

Third party liability
Covers damages suffered by others.
This is often included with car and multi risk home insurance. To verify.

Special benefits
"Weather" benefits such as "No Ski” and "No Sun” which compensate days lost due to weather hazards and "air traffic delays" which cover all or part of your flight if you are delayed by more than 2 hours. 

What is included?

  • The repatriation of a patient to a hospital close to their home... or of the body in the event of death.
  • The provision of transport to bring a relative to the location of an accident,
  • The dispatch of spare parts to repair a vehicle.
  • The reimbursement of the accommodation or car rental costs of a forced stay after an accident,
  • Advances in the event of lost money or documents etc.

Where to buy it?
From an insurer, a specialist organisation (American express for example) or a travel agent.
Or through an international credit card

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