What are your tax deduction possibilities regarding insurance in Luxembourg ?

What are your tax deduction possibilities regarding insurance in Luxembourg ?

In this section you will find out the different solutions and amounts you can deduct from your Luxembourg taxes.

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Tax is calculated based on your income bracket.

So the higher your income the more taxes you pay. However certain expenses can be deducted from your taxable income regardless of whether you are a resident or cross-frontier worker.

Deductible expenses include the costs of childcare, car mileage, car insurance, housing etc. which reduce your tax liability and increases your income.

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There are twon main types of expenses

  1. Everyday expenses: related to the costs of childcare, car insurance and housing etc. This category includes all expenses related to daily life that are not incurred for the purpose of tax deductions.
  2. Voluntary savings: this second type of savings allows you to subscribe to a savings plan and deduct it from your tax liability. Discover all the expenses you can deduct from savings plans and find out all about tax optimisation.

You can find the complete list of deductible expenses here

For cross-frontier workers

Contrary to popular belief, not all cross-frontier workers fall under the same taxation regime.

Deductible expenses for single people are practically the same for all cross-frontier workers.

Are you in a relationship? The total tax liability of your partner depends on their nationality.


Quite simply because countries such as Belgium, France and Germany have tax agreements with Luxembourg.

These agreements are different in each country. For example a Belgian cross-frontier worker who lives with a partner who works in Belgium has to pay more tax on their earnings than a French cross-frontier worker who lives with a partner who works in France.

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Tax treatment of insurance products for Luxembourg taxpayers

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Life, Death, Disability, Health, Accident or Third Party Car, Motorbike and Home Insurance can be tax deductible. As a Luxembourg taxpayer, you can actually deduct premiums for such insurance and make a saving.

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Life, Death, Disability, Health, Accident and Civil Liability Insurance

Maximum deductible amounts


Without spouse

With spouse


€ 672

€ 1 344

Taxpayer with 1 child

€ 1 344

€ 2 016

Taxpayer with 2 children

€ 2 016

€ 2 688

Taxpayer with 3 children

€ 2 688

€ 3 360

To be able to deduct life insurance policies in the event it reaches maturity during your lifetime the contract must have a duration of at least 10 years.

For health and/or accident insurance these limits increase by €1500 if they provide for the payment of a daily allowance in the event of incapacity for work.

All lump-sums paid by life, death or accident insurance are tax exempt!

Products expressed in units of account (including mutual funds) have the same tax deduction rules as 'classic' policies.

These products can be deducted if they meet two conditions:

  1. Death benefit of at least 60% of the total premiums (with a minimum of 5 annual premiums)
  2. or 130% of the premiums paid up to death

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Higher limit and increased higher limit for payment protection insurance

When the borrower takes out a temporary assurance on death with a single premium to cover a real estate loan or a mortgage, special maximum amounts are added to the normal limits.

Taxpayer Increased limit (1) Higher increased limit
Between 30 and 50 (per year)
Maximum deductible
€ 50 and over
Without children € 6 000 € 480 € 15 600
With 1 child € 7 200 € 576 € 18 720
With 2 children € 8 400 € 672 € 21 840
With 3 children € 9 600 € 768 € 24 960
With 4 children € 10 800 € 864 € 28 080
Per additional child € 1 200 € 96 € 3 120

How to calculate the absolute limit per taxpayer 

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  • basic limit: €672 + €672 for joint taxation + €672 per dependent child
  • allowance for single premium: sum of the single premium (without exceeding €3000) + €672 per child dependent
  • additional allowance: 8% x number of years over 30 (age of borrower when policy taken out) x result of b.


Maximum additional amounts deductible.

  Annual deduction    Annual deduction
Under 40 € 1 500 48 € 2 100
40 € 1 750 49 € 2 100
41 € 1 750 50 € 2 600
42 € 1 750 51 € 2 600
43 € 1 750 52 € 2 600
44 € 1 750 53 € 2 600
45 € 2 100 54 € 2 600
46 € 2 100 55 € 3 200
47 € 2 100 between 55 and 75 € 3 200

There are several conditions to meet in order to take out this insurance. These are related to the new Article 111a of the Tax Code (L.I.R.)

  • Minimum duration of 0 years
  • Annuities and lump-sums must be paid at the age of 60, at the earliest, and the age of 75, at the latest;
  • At maturity you receive a maximum lump-sum of 50% of the accrued savings, the remainder is converted into a monthly life annuity.
  • In the event of death: the beneficiaries can receive the accumulated savings
  • A pension makes it possible to substantially increase the deductible amount based on an annual limit which depends on the subscriber's age at the start of the tax year. When jointly taxed spouse each buy a pension product, the deductible amount is calculated individually by taking into account their age at the start of the tax year;
  • Any early repayment made before the age of 60 for reasons other than disability or serious illness will result in a tax adjustment;
  • Both standard products with a minimum interest rate as well as unit of account products are permitted. However specific rules have been issued for the latter by Grand-Ducal regulation. Stocks calculation
Age at the start of the tax year Maximum overall portion of shares in the total underlying assets.
Under 45 no limit
from 45 to 49 75% of accrued savings
from 50 to 54 50% of accrued savings
55 and over 25% of accrued savings
  • the taxpayer can have multiple products but it is not possible to transfer accumulated savings from one product to another
  • tax advantages: the portion paid as a lump-sum is only taxed at half the overall rate of income tax and half of all monthly annuities are exempt from tax. 

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