Property savings plan insurance

Property savings plan insurance

We want to help you get access to housing loans.

Used like a standard savings plan that pays annual interest, the savings accrued can support you financially to renovate or develop your home.

You can choose an option that will act as a base for a lump-sum loan without resorting to other forms of borrowing. Another option could complement your mortgage. The choice is yours with a property savings loan!

This savings plan is deductible from your tax liability (see: What is deductible?) and can save you time: you can finance your projects without the need for a second mortgage. 


All about property savings

Build capital by saving regularly and make the most of a property savings plan! It will allow you to borrow at a great interest rate that is fixed according to the amount of money saved. Other advantages: you get regular interest, calculated in advance, that is added to the savings you have accrued. This rate varies depending on the other interest rates.

Do you want to buy land to build on, a flat, a house or a building? Do you want to build, renovate or develop a home? Property saving plans are available to you!

Even better: what if you end up not needing the savings? You will still have built up an amount that you can use for any other purpose. Moreover, with this type of savings you have built up a capital while deducting it throughout the plan!

And if the need arises to take back part or all of your money before the term of the maturity, you can thanks to the simplicity of this product!

Consider a property savings plan for your children! Give them the gift of a guaranteed lump sum on maturity for their future property purchases or other expenses such as their first car.

What is deductible ?

Deduction rules:

  1. You can deduct €672 per year per household member.
    ​Case study: a married person with three kids can deduct 5 x €672 annually. That is €3360.
  2. The contract is agreed for a minimum of 10 years.
  3. The contract is taken out with a specialized institution authorised by the state of Luxembourg.

Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance:

  • A low rate property savings loan guaranteed from 1.90% (effective annual rate 2.07%);
  • Money to build available fast – no fixed minimum savings;
  • High rate of returns: starting at 1.90% (annual effective rate 2.07%); 
  • Additional savings thanks to State aid; 
  • No account administration charges, file fees or tax on property provided as collateral.

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