All about investments in life insurance

All about investments in life insurance


Learn about the unique security and benefits of Luxembourg

Life insurance policies in Luxembourg have unique advantages within Europe.


What types of investments are there ?

  • What type of investments do I need?

  • What is my investment profile?

  • What are my expectations?

It is our job to help you BEFORE you invest. Be sure of your choice: trust in the professionals!

Security or performance?

We all want both. One is always more suitable to any given person. Do you want the highest returns? This requires long-term investment (8 years) with no guarantee of capital. Do you prefer security? Choose a short term investment and guarantee the capital.

Consider these things... and let us know!

  • Do I want my savings available at any time OR on maturity?

  • Is it very important to have my capital guaranteed OR do I not need to have access to my capital at any time?

  • Do I want my guaranteed return to be assured OR not?

  • Are tax deductions are indispensable OR not?

  • Do I choose a duration of less than a year, between two and eight years OR more?


There are many offers, trust an expert.

New products appear on the insurance market every day. You are unique, our investment funds, structured products and saving plans are too!

Contact us, we work hard to get you a tailored solution !

François-Xavier Dufoing
For Weicker & Co 

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