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Life insurance for a loan : payment protection

When you take out a loan this insurance protects your family by repaying it. This insurance is deductible: read 

Payment Protection Insurance will usually repay the remaining balance to a lender; bank, credit institution. The capital reduces with time and according to the interest rate. If the rate is variable, you must state the starting rate but it may be revised at the request of either party. 


Discover the different benefits.
Combined home insurance is a set of benefits that the insurer offers either as a package or separately.

Fire insurance covers all material damage caused to the property you occupy and its contents as a result of fire, explosion, lightning strike or falling aircraft as well as damage caused by vehicles and animals. Extensions vary from insurer to insurer.

Storm insurance covers material damage directly caused by the wind or a flying object, hail or the weight of snow or ice accumulated on the roof.

Water damage insurance covers material damage inside the property caused by water originating from a device connected to a pipe or from the pipe itself.

Theft insurance covers the interior of the insured property against loss or damage of insured content following a theft or attempted theft.

Glass breakage insurance covers the replacement of glazing and other damaged glass parts following an accidental breakage in the interior of the home.

Electrical damage insurance, covers the insured good against the action of electricity including serial accidents.

Glass breakage
The Insurer covers material damage caused by breakage or cracking of windows as well as the wearing away of the sealing.
This cover includes ceramic hobs, plumbing fixtures, greenhouses, solar panels and/or photovoltaic installations for private use.

Property civil liability
The Insurer covers the Insured's civil liability based on articles 1386 to 1386 of the Civil Code in respect of third parties for damages caused by the insured's building, the land on which it stands, the furniture therein, the obstruction of pavements, the failure to remove snow, glass or black ice, elevators and motorised lifts. 

For all the above mentioned perils, the Insurer can extend coverageto include garages, even those located at a different address, private greenhouses, temporary rehousing following a covered accident at the insured property that renders it inhabitable, vacation homes, student accommodation including those in Germany, Belgium and France, contents in a nursing home, premises occupied for a private party, tombs within a maximum radius of 50 km beyond the border and the new and old addresses when moving home. 

There is a 24/7 Info Line available to the insured even if it doesn't concern a covered accident.
It includes the services of a locksmith, hotel accommodation, caretaker costs, childcare, return home, pet sitting, cash advances and hospital assistance. 

Indirect losses
The compensation due in the event an accident is covered will be increased by 10% to allow the Insured to meet the various costs associated with it, without the need for proof. 

The Insurer covers material damage to the insured property caused by an earthquake, that is to say a natural earthquake with a magnitude of at least 4 degrees on the Richter scale that destroys, breaks or damages the insured property, as well as any subsequent landslides. 

Legal expenses
The Insurer covers any application or surveying fees or the costs of proceedings, bailiffs and lawyers, to: 

  • Ensure the criminal defence of the Insured before the criminal courts where he is summoned following:
    • a crime or contravention of the laws and regulations for pedestrians and cyclists
    • a violation of laws and regulations for facts relating to his private life.
  • Get compensation, either through the courts or through an out of court settlement, for injury suffered by the Insured as a result of damages sustained in the course of his private life in so far as these material or corporal damages
    • Render a third party liable under articles 1382 to 1386 of the Civil Code or similar provisions of foreign law;
    • Are a consequence of a private nuisance within the meaning of article 544 of the Civil Code, provided they result from a sudden and unpredictable event for the Insured

Electronic Installations and Electronics
This covers material damage to computer and office equipment, alarm and telecommunication installations as well as multimedia materials whether in use or not, while disassembling, removing or reassembling for maintenance or revision.

Property Damage in a single location
The Insurer will pay compensation equal to the market value of insured property or the cost of repair of damaged items, following a theft, or destruction or damage of any kind that occurs in the location specified in the Policy Schedule only. 

Property Damage in any location
The Insurer will pay compensation equal to the market value of insured property or the cost of repair of damaged items, following a theft, or destruction or damage of any kind. The property can be located in a different place. 

Additional Benefits
In the event of a covered loss involving the Fire & Related Perils - Electronic Damage - Storm & Hail - Water Damage - Glass Breakage - Theft sections of a policy, the Insurer covers a certain number of additional costs.

  • Salvage costs incurred appropriately, to stop or limit the loss, but also to remove the specified property from the effects of an insured peril.
  • Excavation and demolition costs that are necessary to reconstruct or restore insured and damaged property, excluding the costs of soil decontamination.
  • The necessary cost of warehousing and of preserving goods to store and preserve salvaged property (including temporary sealing).
  • Temporary accommodation costs necessary for hotel accommodation or elsewhere for a maximum duration of ninety days when private premises have become unusable.
  • Loss of Use of Property: covers loss of enjoyment of the property or loss of rent when a damaged property is rented for a maximum duration of 24 months.
  • Costs associated with Water Damage and Mineral Oil cover, i.e. the costs of locating the leak in defective water systems of the specified building as well as costs of opening and closing the walls, floors and ceilings in the repair of the aforementioned systems, the costs associated with repairing or replacing the embedded or underground pipes at the source of the leak.
  • Costs associated with Electrical Damage cover, i.e. the costs of locating the source of the fault in the electrical system, of locating the defective part that is at the source of the fault so far as this part does not fall under the exclusions set out in the Electrical Damage Policy Schedule, of any restoration after these works.
  • Costs associated with Glass Breakage cover, i.e. costs associated with replacing insured windows, with damage caused to the frames, grids or sills located close to the damaged glass, with the replacement of inscriptions, painting, decorations, engravings on the damaged glass, with the material damage caused to specified property by flying debris from the damaged glass.
  • Depollution costs: The insurer covers the costs of cleaning ground polluted by mineral oil, the transportation and removal costs of polluted ground even if the insured property have not suffered damage.
  • Costs of restoring gardens: the Insurer covers the necessary costs to restore gardens and plants damaged by a covered peril.
  • Surveying costs: the Insurer covers the reimbursement of the Insured for fees (including all applicable taxes) that he has paid to an expert he has assigned to evaluate the damage to his insured property. This compensation cannot exceed certain limits related to the extent of the damage.
  • Tenant or occupant claims: the Insurer covers the costs that the Insured could be brought to bear either as a landlord, under article 1721, second paragraph, of the Civil Code, by his tenants; or as the owner, by occupants other than tenants.
  • Third party claims up to a maximum €1,000,000/claim: the Insurer covers the costs that the Insured may incur under articles 1382 to 1386 of the Civil Code for material damage caused by a covered accident providing that the property is owned by third parties.

Insured person or product:

  • the property and the contents stated in the policy schedule

The most frequent claims are:

  • electrical damage and furniture damage
  • theft


What is meant by tenant's risks?

It's the tenant's responsibility to the landlord for the premises he occupies. In a residence, vis-à-vis the landlord, the tenant is responsible for the part he occupies including any communal parts. In this case, tenant's fire insurance fire changes only in name. Instead of a simple fire insurance, in this case we are dealing a householder's insurance.

In the event of an accident the compensation is paid directly to the landlord.

What does house insurance cover?

The supporting structure of the house and everything directly attached to it.

The property inside the house but also through some extensions: luggage and personal effects carried outside.

How do you estimate the value of the property to insure?

When estimating the value of a property, remember that the amount you wish to insure it for must allow you to rebuild it. Its value is therefore not necessarily the same as when buying it. How much would it cost to rebuild the property today? Ideally you will seek the help of insurance or real estate professionals in your valuation.

Call our agency for free. We will prepare an estimate that will apply the average clause for you.

How to estimate the value of the contents to insure?

When taking out house insurance or householder insurance, you will have to make an inventory of the items you want to insure. You will then calculate the replacement value of the items you have listed. Here is a document used to make a summary of the items in your property.

What isn't covered by hose insurance?

  • - Ground around the house
  • - Flood risk
  • - Tenants and the damage they could cause
  • - Vehicles

Is there any excess? What is the amount?

Some insurers apply an excess that varies between 10 and 15% that is applied to compensation paid for storm damage, while other insurers disregard this excess.

Is damage caused by my dog covered?

Damage caused by your dog is covered by your civil liability, since it is under you direct care.

Which sports require mandatory civil responsibility insurance? 

  • Hunting
  • Parachuting
  • Pleasure crafts

Accident insurance is recommended when participating in certain sports considered dangerous or risky (parachuting, mountaineering, diving, etc.)

Does house insurance cover damage to domestic appliances in the event of power outages (e.g. TV)?

Yes! This kind of damage is covered under the "electrical damage" extension which is normally included in home fire insurance policies. Be warned that for domestic appliances the insurer will usually apply depreciation and objects subject to normal wear and tear, such as batteries and the likes, are excluded.

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