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Workers and employees

Health insurance is compulsory for all employees and workers! Your employer pays part of the insurance but not all the benefits and coverage are included with it. So you do not have optimum coverage and this won't resolve itself. Keep in mind that any prolonged illness or hospitalisation or even dental work and braces may quickly leave you with large bills! 

Do you want to do something about this? Luxembourg's insurers offer simple low cost solutions adapted to your situation. Ask us!

By choosing a complementary health insurance can we offer you the benefit of being reimbursed directly and in full. So you and your loved ones are covered 100%!

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Outpatient cover

  1. Glasses and contact lens expenses
    For clearer vision, we will cover 100% of your spectacle lens and contact lens costs in excess of those covered by the national health insurance.
    Click here for some useful advice on reimbursements.
  2. Costs of medication and therapeutic aids
    The costs of buying medication and therapeutic aids (dressings, orthopaedic aids) in excess of those covered by the national health insurance are paid for.
    Important! The following expenses are also reimbursed: Physiotherapy, osteopathy, and psychotherapy
  3. All your medical expenses are covered!
    Your doctor(s)' fees
    Medication and therapeutic aids 
    Dental care and dentures
    The cost of glasses and contact lenses
    Assistance for your family
    Health insurance while abroad
    Osteopathy expenses
    This means that your future complementary health insurance will reimburse you 100%, including abroad, anywhere in the world.
  4. Dental expenses
    100% of your dental expenses in excess of those covered by the national health insurance will be covered. A high percentage of the costs of fitting of a dental prosthesis or orthodontic device are covered (usually 80%)!

Cross-frontier workers

Do you work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are and live in another country? Your situation is special but very common! 

expenses based solely on the Luxembourg rate! Importantly, benefits and refunds are not the same from country to country. This could therefore play against you, especially with regard to cash benefits such as daily sickness benefit. In this case, only the provisions of the national health insurance apply.As independent insurance professionals, Weicker & Co does not recommend that you purchase additional insurance in your home country! Why? For the simple reason that only a Luxembourg company knows reimbursement rates applied by the Luxembourg health fund. Health insurers neighbouring will reimburse you as if you worked in that country. This is not the case for you! 

Everyone is unique: so are our solutions!

So be prudent when buying such insurance. To learn about the reimbursements you are entitled to, get in touch with our broker: click here 

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