Family, life insurance

The purpose of this insurance is to insure third parties against injury and material damage when the policyholder, or the people or objects under his care, is at fault

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Payment protection

Finally an insurance that offers great rates for non-smokers!

Have you recently taken out a mortgage or loan? The lending institution will certainly require insurance to cover it in the event of death.

This insurance is made for you: We can offer both Luxembourg and foreign based insurers to provide the most competitive deals on the market.

Life / Death insurance

Save on life insurance and reduce your taxes

Life insurance is tax deductible: Good news!

All premiums in this type of policy are tax deductible. To do this it is necessary to follow certain rules: A minimum duration of 10 years and a maximum amount calculated following the rule of €672 per household member per year. The capital in event of death must also be fixed. <!--You will find all the information on the page Particuliers/épargne and investir/assurancevie/toutsavoir sur l’assurtance vie

Life insurance that you subscribe to in other member states must meet these criteria to be deductible.The major difference lies in the fact that with Luxembourg life insurance there is no tax on maturity. The capital paid is net!

Savings for children

Just as you did, your children will grow up quicker than you think!

Weicker understands this and offers flexible and personal solutions that give you both performance and security for your investments.

Help you children get ahead of their university fees or help them buy their first car.

Weicker offers you options which pay your child a lump-sum at the end of the term and also comes with a death benefit. So in the event that you pass away, we will pay your child the capital sum.

Enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Certainty of the capital at maturity.
  • Ability to adjust your payments Several times
  • Reduced taxes (see link to tax deductions)

Personal accident

ACCIDENT insurance

Do you wish to insure yourself against the uncertainties that life can bring?

Do you want the direct costs related to an accident, death or permanent disability to be covered?

Personal accident insurance provides the following coverage: Payment of a lump-sum in the event of an accident causing bodily injury. You, your partner or your family can subscribe to this insurance!

What frequent accidents does it cover?

  • domestic accidents
  • road traffic accidents
  • accidents involving your children
  • accidents related to your leisure activities.

Don't let anxiety get the better of you. Entrust your future to the professionals! Weicker insurance brokers safeguards you and your family. Because life is priceless...

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