Health Insurance for Cross border Workers

Health Insurance for Cross border Workers

Border workers can find special insurance contracts which covers their medical expenses on both sides of the Luxembourg border.

A wide range of guarantees are offered to provide health coverage adapted to all needs and budgets.

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In recent years, Luxembourg has become the preferred destination for French Belgium or German transborders. What health insurance plan for these cross-border workers?

How to benefit from reimbursements of health expenses?

Border workers in Luxembourg are workers who work in Luxembourg and live in France Belgium or Germany.

To qualify for basic health care reimbursements in Luxembourg, two conditions are required:

  • Social contributions must be paid in Luxembourg
  • You must be affiliated to the Luxembourg basic scheme (Caisse Nationale de Santé: CNS).

Choose your health insurance according to your needs

Reimbursement of health care in Luxembourg and France adapted to your situation and your health insurance needs

Coverage of current medical expenses and hospitalization with or without exceeding fees

Reimbursement of dental expenses, optics, equipment

Simplified subscription conditions without waiting period or medical formalities.

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  • A professional independent of any company
  • A clear and precise audit of your needs
  • Receive up to 5 different offers within 24 hours

Weicker & Co is an Authorized broker with the Belgian FSMA under the reference 62429 and Belgian company number 0893.901.520. Our brokerage company is authorized to perform free service in Luxembourg.