Tax deductible insurance

Tax deductible insurance

Business owner

You're a business owner and want to invest in an insurance that is beneficial for you and your employees?

Find out about a group insurance solution. It allows you to deduct up to 20% of annual pay from each person in your company!

You help them increase their every day security without incurring excessive costs. A bunch of benefits for everyone!


Self-employed and liberal professions

Do you have the burning desire or have you already taken the plunge? You decided to take hold of your professional life and free yourself!

This momentum must never falter. With this in mind we have some insurance to offer. Your gross income is high but you are heavily taxed.

But there are some little extras! In addition to your deductible business insurance as business expenses, we have tax deductible savings products.

Through insurance products such as pension savings plans, life insurance or property savings plans, you can save while reducing your taxes.

Discover profitable products that meet your needs!

To maximize your tax deductions with these savings we suggest you contact our specialist Weicker & Co.


Are you employed by a Luxembourg company? Did you know you can deduct specific insurance premium?

Discover your benefits:

Does your wage packet include a group pension plan? Why not contribute personally as well?

Thanks to this you can save €1,200 per year! Great. Even better if we told you that as well as being deductible, that there is no tax when you withdraw the accrued capital!

Also note that you can save on the third pillar, i.e. individually and independent of your company plan. For every situation... we have a solution!

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