Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Liberal professions

Nobody is perfect and at you are more at risk at work from errors causing loss to third parties.

We provide suitable solutions no matter whether you are an architect, engineer, a medical professional or an estate agent.

There is a wide range of full cover to avoid risks!


Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs

When running a business you could be liable for the smallest damage caused in the exercise of your professional activity.

Moreover, if you are going to start a business, consider reducing your exposure to risk as much as possible!

In addition civil responsibility, essential to any organisation, you can cover the different stages: during operation, after delivery and also the objects themselves.

These policies are also made up of extensions to fit your requirements. Ask us!

Large companies

As a director of a business, an accident under your responsibility can have serious consequences on your company’s ability to operate.

Take action! Our specialists offer a range of coverage, notably for your buildings, goods and equipment, or against third parties.

Because the smallest of these worries can affect your brand image, take the initiative and ask us!

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