Insurance for managers and employees

Insurance for managers and employees

Liberal professions

Practicing a liberal profession has other consequences on your professional life.

The professionals at Weicker & Co have developed solutions tailored to your specific situation.


Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs

Build a loyal relationship with your co-workers

A motivated team assures the work is well done and that activity flourishes! Pay them back by offering them fringe benefits such as a complementary pension plan, group health insurance or even accident insurance.

These different options allow you to optimise your tax liability and more importantly allows you to develop an attractive and efficient recruitment strategy. Doesn't that sound good? Get in touch for more information about the possibilities available to you.

Large companies

Have your plans grown? Are you the head of a large team and the stakes are proportional to your investment? Good insurance is needed more than ever, even obligatory, to face your everyday challenges.

Build a loyal relationship with your co-workers.

You know that a motivated staff improve revenue and performance! There are different solutions to strengthen your recruitment strategy, improve your brand image and... reduce your tax liability!

Think about offering group health insurance, accident insurance or even a complementary pension plan to your employees.

Every situation deserves a full and professional evaluation. Our specialists at Weicker & Co will prove it!Contact us!

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