Pension savings

Pension savings

Business owner

Every business owner's dream is to combine performance with staff loyalty. Employees are now more than ever the main preoccupation of a business. How do you motivate and inspire loyalty in those who work for you?

By providing financial security for those who form the backbone of the business: its staff.

Consider a group pension and take advantage of favourable tax deductions while keeping control of costs!

Discover the benefits offered by a group pension: pension, health, life and disability


Self-employed and liberal professions

The careers of self-employed people are unique... as are their pensions. You chose a liberal profession and have successfully practiced for several years.

You should reap the reward! You build your pension throughout your career.

How do you manage your pension?

What is it based on? How do you predict the unpredictable? Our professionals at Weicker & Co are trained to listen, advise and answer your questions about savings... even if you want to keep control of your plans. 

Do not underestimate the importance of a little help and contact us!


You probably already know that as an employee you can get a pension plan and/or life insurance through your company.

This group insurance can cover you on several levels:

pension, death, life, disability and hospitalisation. Security… not tax deductible!

However, there is an alternative deduction: If you decide to personally contribute through the plan that your company offers, by €1200 per year, these payments will be deducted from your tax card!

And last, but not least, we also offer you the opportunity to contribute through the state pension scheme (article 111a).

You have seen that there are many solutions for individuals. Click here to find out more

And do not forget to contact the human resources department at your company to know your rights!

Do not forget:

1) The period for your acquired pension rights

You have group insurance: through which you will be paid the amounts set out by your pension or acquire pension rights by leaving the company.

Each policy is different, so find out! What is the minimum period to permanently acquire these rights? After how many years of service?

2) Amounts actually received

Think you're protected because you have a group insurance? What does this insurance actually offer?

These benefits are often insufficient in the event of death or retirement. Again, ask about the exact amounts you will get!

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