Life insurance

Life insurance

Business owner

What would the musicians be without the conductor? A well-run company is the result of good employees but is also down to the abilities of its leader.

Are you always looking for ways to protect your workers but do you protect yourself and your family?

Did you know that it is possible for your company to take a life insurance policy in your name to soften the blow in event of your death or to cover your family?

There are two solutions available to you: group insurance or individual insurance.

In either case, feel supported and focus fully on the success of your business!


Self-employed and liberal professions

Being self-employed you devote a lot of time to your career. But have you thought about what would happen in the event of disaster?

Do you know that it is essential to cover yourself in order to protect what you have built, no matter what happens?

Consider life insurance! Weicker & Co have a long experience of working with professionals and will help you find an insurance scheme that will free you from any worries that prevent you from seeing a bright and prosperous future!


Life is short and you have to make the most of it! But how can we reconcile work and private life without eventually remembering that it all may end.

Enjoy family life without worrying about the future! Our insurance brokers can offer you great life insurance...

that's tax deductible. We identify your needs and bring them together in one single plan that matches your situation. Contact us!

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