Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Medical expenses, loss of income, you are less secure in these terms than a company employee. N

ational insurance doesn't work in your favour as it only covers you from the fourth month of incapacity for work.

Subscribe an additional "loss of income" health insurance. In addition to compulsory national insurance, you are guaranteed an optimal coverage for all the costs associated with hospitalisation, your outpatient treatment and the cost of surgery.



Health insurance comes in three forms:

outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment and daily allowance. Ask no more questions and discover all the advantages!

Outpatient treatment includes all the expenses incurred from doctor's visits and treatment outside of hospital. In the event of hospitalisation, the insurance will pay you what is not paid under your national health scheme. But be careful: the amount must not exceed the stated limits. This type of coverage also includes significant expenses such as dental care, physiotherapy or other professional techniques.

Inpatient treatment is understood as admission into a hospital in which the insured will have to undergo treatment or surgery.

This insurance allows you to freely choose your doctor and hospital: if you want trusted healthcare that runs smoothly, we can take care of you!

Finally the daily allowance is a flat fee: the insured can use it as he pleases.

The people or products insured by a health insurance policy will be listed on the policy schedule. Find out now!

Also take note of the importance of the section on financial loss or loss of income. These may have a substantial impact on your daily life! You therefore have to organise your insurance to retain your income and independence.

The amount you are insured for is defined as the amount of money lost daily due to sickness or an accident. Learn about the grace periods that exist before any payment is made. Their purpose is to prevent abuse so you get better coverage!

We are here to advise and guide you, learn more from our office!


As an employer you assume many daily responsibilities. The welfare and safety of your employees lets you develop your business and is an essential factor in its growth.

Consider buying tailored coverage to retain them and at the same time prevent significant financial losses in the event of prolonged absences. Get insured so your company is ready for any unforeseen event!

Specific cases: Tailored products!

Our job as insurance brokers demands professionalism. We can create tailored products. Contact us!

Liberal professions

A health concern or a loss of income affects your whole project! Did you know that social security only kicks in after the fourth month of incapacity for work. However there are solutions to protect you.

This insurance offers full coverage and financial security against risk. Discover the advantages of the following benefits: free choice of doctor and hospital, reimbursement for medication, compensation in the event of hospitalisation, etc.

It gives you the security to invest in your project fully... without any worries!

Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs

Your entire professional activity depends on your health and income. Our insurance brokers have developed solutions aimed at protecting you both in terms of treatment and by helping with the costs of drugs or surgery.

If you suffer a loss of income, you can be compensated on a daily basis. The bad times will quickly be forgotten…

Build a loyal relationship with your employees!

A motivated team assures the work is well done and that activity flourishes! Pay them back by offering them fringe benefits such as a complementary pension plan, group health insurance or even accident insurance.

These different options allow you to reduce your tax liability and more importantly allow you to develop an attractive and efficient recruitment strategy. Doesn't that sound good?

Get in touch for more information about the possibilities available to you.

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