Insurance for buildings and offices

Insurance for buildings and offices

Liberal professions

What would your business be without its building and equipment? They are the specific tools that let you develop your creativity and bring your projects to life.

Consider insuring them. Here too we offer full coverage (fire, water damage, theft, etc.) and also the reconstruction of your building and refitting of your equipment. And that's not all! Our brokers offer financial security for your business.

Find out about the terms of credit insurance and key-man insurance. Because time lost is money lost!


Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs

Have you demonstrated dynamism and independence in your career? We have developed solutions to protect you in all aspects of that career that may include:

Property and business

You plan on keeping the business you have built in good health day after day.However, the slightest mishap can be catastrophic.

Consider covering your equipment, goods that you transport or simply against the risk of fire or other damages to your buildings and equipment. Weicker & Co evaluates the all the possibilities to meet your aims and needs.

Large companies

Protect your business

Everything your business is was at once represented a large investment to you. Premises, equipment, tools, etc. form the part tangible part of your business.

But what do you encounter a problem? Some things can be replaced, others can't. Take your time to work out how much a loss will cost you. It is always more than you thought.

We are here to help you avoid this situation by offering effective, tailored and guaranteed solutions!

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