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Child savings : A new proof that it will be more interesting in the coming years.

The Ministry of Education tries, by various ways, to reduce the budget of the expenses connected to the helps granted to the students in Luxemburg. These students are going to see their scholarship reduced through drastic regulations. For the moment, blocked by a petition of 4.500 signatures, the initiatives of the State remain unsettled. That’s an interesting thing to know that the average cost for a student who is in higher education is estimated more or less 30.000€, what represents a colossal amount for the most of inhabitants of Luxemburg and its border zone.
The “child savings” is an insurances product which allows the landing of this need. Indeed, this kind of investment allows to anticipate from the youngest age of the child to create savings for his future to finance the expenses of studies. Furthermore, this insurance allows to deduct the amount of the insurances invested of the taxes and to remove it without any charge from term of the contract.

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