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Payment protection Insurance

Payment protection: get the best price! and their broker Weicker are experts in finding the best price for your payment protection insurance.


How are we experts?

Weicker is a life insurance broker (without brokerage fees).

We know all the the market has to offer and we are committed to finding you the lowest price with the best benefits.

Health Insurance

Workers and Employees

Health insurance is compulsory for all employees and workers! Your employer pays part of the insurance but not all the benefits and coverage are included with it. So you do not have optimum coverage and this won't resolve itself. Keep in mind that any prolonged illness or hospitalisation or even dental work and braces may quickly leave you with large bills!
Do you want to do something about this? Luxembourg's insurers offer simple low cost solutions adapted to your situation. Ask us!

Family, life Insurance

  Family insurance


The purpose of this insurance is to insure third parties against injury and material damage when the policyholder, or the people or objects under his care, is at fault

Travel Insurance

 Benefits: Trip cancellation, luggage, accidents, and assistance


A journey often involves the unexpected!


Vehicle Insurance

Request a quote for your car / vehicle insurance 

By requesting a quote through our site you will receive AT NO COST:

1) The 3 best offers on the market in Luxembourg

Home Insurance

Request home insurance quotes

 Are you the owner or tenant of a house or flat?

Request free quotes from our partners with no obligation.

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Car loan

Car loan

A car loan is an assigned loan, or a consumer loan designated for the purchase of an asset, in this case: your car.

What do we offer?

What is the difference between a personal loan and a car loan?

There are three types of consumer credit:

Personal Loan

Request a free quote for your personal loan from our partner: Weicker & Co

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Home Loan in Luxembourg for Individuals

What is a Home Loan / Mortgage Loan?

In collaboration with KEASY: our credit-broker

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