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Family, life insurance

  Family insurance


First of all, there is family insurance that covers you, and the people or things under your care, against any injury or material damage you may inflict on third parties.

Travel, Leisure Insurance

 Benefits: Trip cancellation, luggage, personal, accident, assistance


What are the two main risks while travelling?

Vehicle Insurance



Anybody who owns a vehicle must first take out mandatory third party insurance. This covers any costs and damages their vehicle causes to others (family members are also covered by this insurance).


There is another package that combines coverage for glass breakage, theft and fire.


With a more comprehensive policy known in Luxembourg as "casco", your car is insured against material damage, whether or not you are responsible for it.

Home Insurance

 Life insurance for a loan: Payment protection

Car loan

When buying a car it's more advisable to take out an assigned loan or a personal loan than a revolving loan. These loans give you better repayment security and are encouraged by lenders.


Pay particular attention to the following points.


We advise you to put down a deposit before taking out a loan: this will reduce the amount you need to borrow as well as the time required to pay it back.


Personal Loan

  All about personal loans


Home Loan

 All about home loans / Mortgage loans

 Do you want to buy or renovate a house in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or any other country?


Insurance Investment

 All about investments in life insurance

The most important thing is to know yourself. Are you quite bold or do you prefer security instead?

Property savings insurance

 All about property savings plans

Looking to borrow at preferential rates? In a property savings plan you can

construct a house or buy a property with the same guarantees a

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