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Car Insurance, Home Insurance and Complementary Health Insurance : Thunderstorms of Sunday in Luxemburg caused at least 5 wounded people and numerous damages.

Are you well insured against the bad weather?

The Sunday 6th of July, thunderstorms knocked Luxemburg between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., with gusts of wind that reached 75 km/h! Trees were torn away, cars and houses underwent damages and people have been wounded.

To mitigate this kind of climate-related event, some coverages exist but aren’t always proposed by the insurances offices. At Weicker & Co’s Office, we propose products that cover this kind of risks. Make a free annual report of your insurances to know if you are covered for this kind of event.

Life Insurance : CARDIF Luxemburg celebrates its 20 years old !

The Luxemburgish Life Insurances Company, CARDIF Luxemburg has celebrated its 20th birthday this Tuesday 10th of June in “City-Circle”. Its activity is overall about Life Insurance contracts with capitalization and tax exemption. In 2013, it succeeded to have the first place of the best-seller of life insurances contract with remuneration gross rate of management fees of 3,70%.

Pension Saving : Election of the new head of Luxemburgish Association of pension funds.

The Luxemburgish Association of pension funds gathers the different funds presents in Luxemburg. It is above all a platform, a forum of exchange of knowledge on the topic of the different pension funds that propose a pension saving, where the members reflect and wonder themselves about the perspectives of the future. Since the 1st of June, it’s Chrystelle Veeckmans, elected recently, who will occupy the presidency chair of it and who succeeds to Anne-Christine Lussie.

Travel Insurance : The World Cup in Brazil.

The kick-off is launched. This Wednesday 12ve of June at 10.00 pm, started the first match Brazil-Croatia. A lot of Luxemburgish people and border zone inhabitants will go on site in the following weeks to support their favorite teams. We advise to people who will go on site, to subscribe a Travel Insurance. This one will be very useful because of the important presence of people making the trip. With this insurance, you can be covered, according to the different insurance companies, for the cancellation of your tickets, the refund of medical costs and the loss of your luggage.

Child savings : A new proof that it will be more interesting in the coming years.

The Ministry of Education tries, by various ways, to reduce the budget of the expenses connected to the helps granted to the students in Luxemburg. These students are going to see their scholarship reduced through drastic regulations. For the moment, blocked by a petition of 4.500 signatures, the initiatives of the State remain unsettled. That’s an interesting thing to know that the average cost for a student who is in higher education is estimated more or less 30.000€, what represents a colossal amount for the most of inhabitants of Luxemburg and its border zone.

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