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Life Insurances in Luxemburg : One of the best on European Level

Life Insurances Products has off-grade recognition. Indeed, their reputation is well established.

Among its attractiveness, you find a total guarantee of the capital with a great number of supports from monetary to financial markets through the bonds one of course.

Even more, costs for entry, for management and arbitral are minimal.

Car Insurance: The car inspection reform

The new project would permit to decrease drastically the number of inspections. Indeed, this one would be decreased about 40.000 inspections / year. Concerning the new cars, the first inspection will have to be done from the 4th year and the second from the 6th year.


To verify the difference of your car insurance with our offers, click here.


Car Insurance : Oldtimers Exposure.

Sunday 16th of July 2014, oldtimer cars were celebrated in the city of  Fond-de-Gras.

We could watch old Beetles, Chevrolets, Dodges, Simcas, Triumphs, …

It’s not always easy to find the good insurance that corresponds to these “Veteran Cars”.

The Insurances Office Weicker & Co proposes offers established by different Insurances Companies in Luxemburg. To make a quote request, click here


Luxemburg, an increasingly population! Child Savings and Non-occupational Accident Insurance adapted.

The children’s population will probably grow about 10.5% until 2030. This number is contradictory with the rest of Europe. Building the future of your child and providing an adapted protection to him is the wish of all good parents. For this, many solutions exist like the Child Savings Insurance or Family Insurances.

To have more information about Child Savings, click here, or about Family Insurances, click here.

Supplementary Health Insurance : The solution to be well covered.

In the National Health Fund, are insured about 760.000 people! With about one third of non-resident people covered through the Luxemburgish National Health Fund, this number is significantly in progression compared to resident people. However, this last one doesn’t cover necessarily all risks and has ceilings. To address to this risk, a supplementary health insurance permits to reinforce your and your family’s protection. 

Insurances : A Business School of Insurances open its doors.

In the next back-to-school, a new school will open its doors ! Indeed, a new option will be available for the Luxemburgish students, they will have the possibility to study in the insurances area.


This school curriculum will permit to the students to learn insurances and to pass an official exam from Commissionner of the Insurances. In the next years, will be performed by this school, experts in cars, home, life and health insurances.


Accidents of daily life coverage : Event the celebrities insure themselves.

Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, David Beckham, Claudia Schiffer and Keith Richards…

What have they in common ?

They all have subscripted to an insurance contract to prevent all risks that can arrive to theim body.

Whether it is about their passion, about their sport activities or in daily life, these celebrities have understood the interest to subscribe to this kind of insurance. This insurances product permits to protect yourself and also your family members.


Property and casualty insurances and life insurances : Their future is on the internet.

By the 3 next years, the number of quotation requests online  will take a first stand place.

Life Insurances, the best saving’s product.

2015 will be a year that will start by the end … at least for the successions. Indeed, a new European convention will take effect to change the successions’ method of operation. The tax rules, that until now were those of the country of the deceased house, will be reversed. It does mean that from 2015, that will be the right of the heir’s country who will enjoy the inheritance transmission costs through its own tax law. Only exception, the real estate goods will stay subject of their situation’s law. Life’s Insurances contracts in Luxembourg permit to benefit of important advantages.

House insurance and Home loan plan : the real estate in investment.

Since the beginning of the year, Luxembourg  has known an important wave of investments in the real estate whose the majority are concentrated on the tray of Kirchberg. Whether it is for the rent of offices or the sale of apartments, the center of the Luxembourg City remains as usual a very attractive investment. About 5 % of return on investment. To establish a real estate property, for its main home or with the aim of investing in the renting real estate, the insurance products of home loan plan remains the best of the solutions to reach these objectives.

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