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Pension savings

- Business owner


Every business owner's dream is to combine performance with staff loyalty. Employees are now more than ever the main preoccupation of a business. How do you motivate and inspire loyalty in those who work for you? By providing financial security for those who form the backbone of the business: its staff. Consider a group pension and take advantage of favourable tax deductions while keeping control of costs!


Discover the benefits offered by a group pension: pension, health, life and disability


Tax deductible insurance

- Business owner


You're a business owner and want to invest in an insurance that is beneficial for you and your employees? Find out about a group insurance solution. It allows you to deduct up to 20% of annual pay from each person in your company! You help them increase their every day security without incurring excessive costs. A bunch of benefits for everyone!


- Self-employed and liberal professions



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