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Health Insurance

Health insurance and its cover:
As a self-employed person, a liberal professional or a business owner, the financial problems of having to stop working are substantial. Medical expenses, loss of income, you are less secure in these terms than a company employee. National insurance doesn't work in your favour as it only covers you from the fourth month of incapacity for work.

Insurance for buildings and offices

- Liberal professions


Car / Vehicle insurance

- Liberal professions


Do you have one or more professional vehicles? Do you use them occasionally or is your business based from them? Consider the different car insurance and benefits. Weicker & Co will advise you and evaluate your situation.


- Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs


Insurance for managers and employees

- liberal professions


Practicing a liberal profession has other consequences on your professional life. The professionals at Weicker & Co have developed solutions tailored to your specific situation:


- Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs


Professional liability insurance

- Liberal professions:


Nobody is perfect and at you are more at risk at work from errors causing loss to third parties. We provide suitable solutions no matter whether you are an architect, engineer, a medical professional or an estate agent. There is a wide range of full cover to avoid risks!


- Self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs



In many companies, particularly in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there are a range of leasing solutions are available to employees. How can you make the most of it? How can we keep up with the latest features? Our office does not specialise in this are but surrounds itself with the best professionals in the field to advise you and provide you with all the solutions to fit your situation. Trust them and get in touch!



A loan isn't decided on a whim. It has to be thought over with careful consideration and you'll need the professional expertise of the credit brokers. At Weicker, we understand this. That's why we have decided to collaborate with other brokers to offer you a full and quality service. Get in touch for your personal loan and let us guide you to a professional, with complete confidence!

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Our office

-Our office


CHere at Weicker, we put our professional expertise to your financial needs. We think that it's better to have a full understanding of a number of insurance plans rather than a brief overview and a reduced vision of the field. That's why our office collaborates with brokers who are experts in specialised loans. We trust them entirely and recommend them wholeheartedly. Consider it now, so you don't have to think about it later!

We recommend Keasy: visit


- Investments


Are you are saving and want to invest your money? Be rewarded for your efforts! Invest in a product that combines performance with security and decide for yourself how you will transfer your assets to your loved ones.
Life insurance offers great returns, protects your loved ones and most importantly, there is no income tax and no withholding tax at source!


Discover all our solutions, both for a secured investment or a stock market yield. Because you are unique, get in touch!

Life insurance

-Business owner


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