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Luxembourg offers a large diversity of investments. Recently the life insurance sector has taken a prominent place in the field of savings and investments.

Why is life insurance so attractive as an investment in Luxembourg?

There are many reasons:

From a legal of point:

- Several possible insurers
- Subscriber different from the insured
- Beneficial ownership allowed
- Dismemberment of the beneficiary clause allowed
- Possibility to insure Several people
- Possibility to insure Several people
- Acceptance of the policy subject to the agreement of the insurer

From an investment point of view:

Life insurance policies in Luxembourg allow:

- Multiple assets, a vast choice of assets (Luxembourg and foreign approved UCITS as well as hedge funds)
- Policy with dedicated management from 250,000 euros
- Total freedom to invest from 2.5 million euros.
- Maintain asset management freedom even if shares are pledged
- Ability to transfer redemption rights and management rights.

From a subscription point of view:

-By transferring monetary assets
-By transfer of shares
-By multiple custodians (chosen by the client)


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